Stress Busters (part I)

by maria

Ariadne, 16 yrs

Do not let things pile up – it causes stress, you can’t think straight or do anything properly. STOP NOW!!! 

Make a list of all things that are bugging you. Divide the list in two categories : Category 1 : Things you can do something about (e.g. homework) and Category 2 : Things you can’t control.

Category 1 : Prioritize – decide which task is urgent and deal with that first. Have an everyday schedule to tackle with the other matters in turn. 

Category  2.  You can accept some facts you cannot change. You may talk about it to someone you trust. They may have a good idea … At least you will have got it out of your system.

Extra tips :

✅    Talk with your friends. 👥❤

✅    Play with your pet –  really powerful buster. 🐕 
✅   Appreciate Friday nights. 🎶🎈

✅   Sleep well and a lot – everything seems better if we are not over-tired.😴

✅   Do not forget the wonders of chocolate.🍫

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