Think positively, improve your memory

by maria

I am definitely one of those people who find it challenging to retain and retrieve a lot of information. But there are several ways to improve our memory!

Our memory works mainly with images and not with words. Read a short description for 15 seconds and then observe an image for 1 second. You will essentially remember more details from the design than what you retained from the text. That’s why it helps in remembering when you draw diagrams, boards, or even sketches in order to memorize some information better!

Are you one of those people who keep saying “I cannot remember anything” or “I always forget”? If so then you are sabotaging yourself! According to scientists, we do not forget information, we just find it difficult to retrieve it. For example, you may not remember a number or a name at a time and then recall it. This basically means that the information has been there this whole time. Therefore, since all the elements are there, it would be better to encourage your subconscious to retrieve them, instead of being all negative about it. Therefore you should stop saying that you do not have a good memory and prefer expressions such as “I will remember it in a while”.

I am sure that you will see the difference!

Source: “Being a happy teen” by Andrew Matthews

Cover’s artwork: “Memory”, 1948 by René Magritte

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