30+1 reasons to protect our Earth

by maria

1. Because the Earth is our home

2. Because in order to survive we need drinking water and food

3. Because spring smells like the most expensive cologne

4. Because all seasons are beautiful and worth separating from each other

5. Because the sea must be able to host life forever

6. Because the sea must be there forever, it cools us down in the summer

7. Because the Earth has taken care so that in winter it snows and we play with the snow

8. Because in autumn the leaves of the trees have magical colors

9. Because the Earth respects us

10. Because doing some cycling in nature is perfect

11. Because the Earth made sure that it rains here and there to rest us from the daily watering of plants

12. Because in case the Earth is destroyed, we will be destroyed too

13. Because we have not discovered another planet that cares about us as much as the Earth

14. Because our children must also see the beauties of the Earth

15. Because the fruits of the Earth are delicious

16. Because you have not yet visited all parts of the planet, you have not traveled all around the world

17. Because the Earth motivates us to live

18. Because the Earth is also the home of other animals, who despite the lack of logic, respect it more than us

19. Because green is beautiful

20. Because if the Earth is destroyed the damage will be irreparable

21. Because peanut butter is fantastic and can not be found anywhere in space

22. Because if the Earth is destroyed I will miss the avocados

23. Because it’s fantastic that every season has its own fruits and vegetables so we never get bored

24. Because there is nothing more fun than sliding down on the flowery hills under the hot sun

25. Because in space you can not go camping

26. Because animals should run freely in nature

27. Because after the rain on Earth we see the beautiful rainbow, after every painful storm a flash of hope comes

28. Because life on Earth is like living in a dream

29. Because it is our duty to not make the Earth even worse than we received it when we were born

30. Because thanks to the Earth we can fight to make our dreams come true

+1. Because we have to thank the Earth that has offered us always…

Full of hope and optimism,

Mairy Vidali

Painting by Sage

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