NO more animal testing!

by maria


We all use beauty products on a daily basis in order to look clean and put together. What usually makes us buy a certain product is its fancy packaging or its popular advertisement. Howver, is this the correct way to buy something?

The answer, of course, is no! Did you know that in order to create certain products that are in the market, people have experimented on animals? It’s true! Animals are suffering so that we can have longer lashes, flawless skin or juicy lips.

To be more precise, rabbits most commonly, but other animals to, are covered in toxic fluids, that hurt their eyes and skin and injure them severely. Their innocent eyes turn red as they are intoxicated, to the point that some animals become completely blind. Some are “lucky” enough to die and so their suffering ends. But others have no such “luck”…

Some animas have never seen the light of sun andnhave never been to their natural environment, their true home. They were taken away from their families, thrown into cages and suffered. All this, seems medieval to me, although we live during the 21st century. Does the life of an animal cost as much as a mascara?

And all this for what? So that we don’t have red zits on our skin? Skin texture is perfeclty normal and we should not be ashamed to show our true skin at all! We are truly beautiful the way we are and we must love ourselves, for the simple reason that we are unique. From the strength that derives from our self love we can give back to our fellow humans, the environment and all the animals living in it.

If however, you still feel insecure about skin irritations, you can find ways to cover them up without taking advantage of animals. You just have to make sure that the product you chose to use has been certified by “PETA” and that it has the “cruelty free” sign on it. That simply means that no animals have suffered for this by being used in experiments.

Show your love for “cruelty free” products by telling your friends about them. In this way you can save many animals from suffering terribly and I can assure you that they will be forever grateful to you!

With lots of hope for the future,

Mairy Vidali (11th grade student)

Cover’s artwork: “Animal Testing,” by Rebecca Matson

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