Human Kindness

by maria

Human Kindness; “the quality of one who is a good person, who has kindness and cares for his fellow human” in another case I would use the Greek word “tsipa” but it is something that I do not think in this case is appropriate….

From a very young age I asked and wondered why some things are meant to be done… why are people bad? Why are there dislike, hatred and jealousy?

I have reached the age of 19 and I still have not received the right answer, or it is probably something that will never be answered because as we know the world is always bad…

That’s what my mother used to tell me…. “It’s a bad world, my baby, be careful!”(Do not judge not to be judged!” Beyond these words she still does not forget to tell me the most important… “love yourself” putting me in thoughts about how can YOU love yourself! What if there is someone who tells you that you cannot do it? What then?…. What do you do?

So they existed… on another occasion, unfortunately, but now they do exist!

Those people who tried to convince me that I cannot love myself, that either I, myself, or something on me is wrong (Body? Hair, face), and as a child with glasses…. The well-known “glasses-boy”.

So coming to today!

I have learned to love me… to love me for my body, my face, my everything! And of course, I have learned to defend those whom someone else is trying to bully…

2022 and one thing bothers me in all that is happening….

And no. These are neither the political parties nor whether Depp’s wife is in court.

Talking about the “bad ones” who live among us that in exceptional cases I can’t refer to them as human beings… I do not understand the following…

He is a bad student…

He’s gay, I do not like him…

She is too fat for a presenter, it spoils my image ..

The image?

I imagine it spoils your image of an already very backward society…

Who gives the right to certain people to comment saying that something is beautiful and something isn’t… personally neither the gay man nor the presenter ever bothers me.. and do not tell me that there is free speech because freedom of speech stops where the insult begins.

Therefore, in our society where envy and resentment prevail instead of love for fellow human beings, we have the ability to make the black of evil shine!

Mpampis K., 19

Cover’s photo from the exhibition:“Plasmata: Bodies, Dreams and Data”

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