Pit’s birthday present

by maria

It’s Pit’s birthday tomorrow. And as he does every year, it’s time to ask his most precious gift from his parents. This time Pit didn’t ask for something specific nor did he wanted something expensive, he just wished this one thing: that he wouldn’t lose his home, the home that he so much loved. His parents laughed and reassured him that this wasn’t going to happen, since they loved their current house.

Pit then felt weird that his parents could not understand what he was talking about. He then tried to explain by telling them that he was devasted because his friends and family were suffering.

He was of course referring to his real home, the home that belongs to all of us. He didn’t want to lose his planet, the Earth. He didn’t want for the fires to continue, the ice to melt, or for the animals, to die or go extinct.

Therefore, he asked from his parents to help him by sharing this message with the whole world, so that everybody on his birthdaay, could pick up just one piece of trash. He asked for a present that lasts just for a second, but at the same time one that has great value. He knew that in this way, he would be even closer to saving the planet. His parents were shocked. “It’s impossible Pit”they tried to explain, but Pit looked very disapointed with their reaction. He then said:

“Nothing is impossible! With hope and consistent work everything we can achieve everything. If I can grab a plastic bag from outside, then so can everybody. It’s such a shame for this planet to die just because we humans are indifferent. It’s a shame and I won’t allow for this to happen! I will never stop fighting for my home. I believe that we can still save the earth, if we stop just thinking and start acting! If only, our disregard becomes hope and empathy.

Tomorrow let’s all pick up a piece of trash. Let’s become an inspiration to those who don’t care. Together, we can all make the impossible, possible!

Mary Vidali (high school student)

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