by maria

In recent years, animal consumption has risen sharply. I use the word “animals” instead of “meat” because when we use the word “meat”, we don’t associatively think that it is an animal like us! For that reason, a big “why” is to be answered.

            Why do we over-consume someone that feels pain and fear, just like us? Why do we over-consume someone that has been taken from her/his parents and has been deprived  of mother affection and care? Why do we separate animal families to make leather shoes? How much does a life cost? Is it measured in money? Why do we raise so many cows since they are -to a titanic extent- responsible for climate change? Cows do produce large amounts of methane when digesting their food, which makes them a key contributor to climate change. Is life on our planet worth as much as a steak? Why does an animal have to die for our taste?

            The questions are endless… What is certain is that animals do not want to die! They are helpless and scared. Unfortunately, voiceless as they are, they are most affected. Animals are the purest creatures on our planet! They do not hate, they only love! Of course, dominance of the strongest is a fact, regardless of purity of the weakest! Is that fair? If we find it unfair, we must keep in mind that investing our money in pain products is equal to supporting and promoting them.

            In no case does trade justify the slaughter. Everyone has the right to freedom and safety. All! Including the animals! Why not eat cats and dogs as well? Why endorse speciesism and anthropocentric attitude? Maybe we should finally consider all this. Maybe we should consider whether we want to live on planet Earth for a long time to come! It’s up to us to save our planet! No radical changes are needed, as long as we first think about consuming consciously and within limits, only the amount of animals we need or – some of us- may become vegetarians.

            The important thing is to start seeing with the “eyes of the heart” and show our kindness by consuming animals in smaller quantities, for us, for them, but also for our home  planet Earth. Reducing the amount of animals we consume will reduce overheating and give our home a breath of fresh air.

  Mary Vidali,

High School student

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