Every cloud has a silver lining!

by maria

In life, most of the time, we do not take action, until a difficult situation forces us to do so. In other words, we walk carefree until a serious problem arises. At that moment, we decide to change our attitude and behavior in order to deal with it and finally realize that this change has significantly improved our everyday life. That’s why we learn more from facing the obstacles that are presented to us since they force us to take immediate action!

So when you are called upon to solve a problem, keep these in mind:

  • Try not to ask yourself: “Why does everything have to go wrong?” or “Why does everything happen to me?”. These thoughts do not help at all! Take a few deep breaths and try not to think too much of it, as this will make you panic even more. Besides, I assure you that misfortunes do not happen only to you, but to all of us!
  • You can reassure yourself with thoughts like: “it’s not my fault” or “it was not in my power to prevent this situation” but do not rest and remain inactive. Think about how you can change things from now on!
  • Find the positive side! “What can I learn from this situation?” “What else can I do;” “Who can help me?”, are all reasoning thoughts that must go through your mind in order to move on. The way you solved the problem and the qualities it supplied you with, will definitely be useful in the future to face any other difficulty.

You can only lose the battle if you give up!

Source: “Being a happy teen”, Andrew Matthews

Cover’s art: Mel Kadel

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