Q&A Game (Part II)

by maria

I have noticed recently a mild hair loss. Is it normal?

It is not something so rare, regarding your age period! Causes may be related to your hormonal status, nutrition, or stress.

Enrich your everyday diet with vitamin foods – especially those of B complex, such as B1, B2, B3 (eg broccoli, sunflower seeds, avocados) – iron (spinach, lentils), zinc (oysters, beef, grilled beans), antioxidants (bilberry) and omega-3 fats (salmon, seafood, nuts, flaxseed, etc.). Avoid fast food, processed foods, and sugar.  Also, exercise every day. 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️

The key is well-being. And how do you get there? By taking good care of yourself of course.  Stress can often be a part of our daily lives for various reasons.

Learn to deal with it and use the “Stress Busters” series on our page and Mary’s videos. There, you can find tips on how you can reduce your anxiety. You can get appropriate hair care products from the pharmacy store, but – in any case – consult your medical doctor for best diagnosis, testing, and advice.

You can also send your e-mail to weknowhow03@gmail.com 📧💌

Photo by Martin Slavoljubovski from Pixabay

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