IAHW 2022

by maria

“March brings new seasons and the International Adolescent Health Week
observance. We hope that IAHW once again is a bright and inspirational
celebration of youth and a loud and visible demonstration of the vast
global support they have from us.
This year, IAHW has been shaped by the hard work of our incredible group
of Youth Ambassadors representing 30 countries across 5 continents,
mentored by 8 returning Senior Ambassadors who were in their shoes last
year. New this year, we have resource pages in Spanish and in Arabic, as
well as links to helpful WHO resources.”

  “We hope that you are planning something, big or small or somewhere in
between, to be a part of this week of action. If you are, we encourage
you to invite others to join you (it is not too late!) to be a part of
this week of action. To help you, we have created a social media post
(English and Spanish attached) for you to share on your social media (if
you use #IAHW2022, we can find you and increase your posts’

  If you think it’s too late or too difficult to make plans for the
20th and 26th of March, it is not!

  Here are 5 easy things you or your organization can do to be a part of
this global adolescent health observance :

        * Encourage adolescents or your team to participate in a global poster
about Transition [1] hosted by our French Senior Ambassador and
her colleagues.
        * Use the IAHW Zoom virtual background for your online meetings and
classes during IAHW. Share a screenshot on social media with #IAHW2022!
        * Youth Ambassador Idea: Host a panel discussion with young people and
mental health professionals about practical tips for mental wellness and
stress management.
        * For hospitalized adolescents, put together and distribute Pamper
from 20-26 March.
        * Be active on social media with #IAHW2022. Share messages of support,
online resources, pictures of activities, or people wearing lime green as
a show of solidarity. You can utilize our Social Media toolkit to
get you started.

The IAHW Team

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