Vitamin D

by maria

Vitamin D, the vitamin of strength and joy!

Vitamin D is probably one of the most important vitamins as it is also necessary for the growth of your body. Vitamin D ensures the health of your bones and promotes the absorption of calcium. In addition, it helps in the production of serotonin, a hormone which “regulates” positive feelings in your brain!

Foods which contain Vitamin D include milk, yogurt, eggs (yolk), butter, fatty fish (salmon, trout, herring, sardines), whole grains, mushrooms and nuts. However, Vitamin D differs from other vitamins because food is not its only source. Your body can produce it on its own, every time the sun rays contact your skin for some time. In fact, the largest amount of Vitamin D in your body is produced by your skin with the help of the sun! No need to do something special; just go for a walk and let the sun do the rest! Don’t forget to have sunscreen (see also relevant post for skin protection).

Do I need to take a vitamin D supplement?

If you live in a sunny country and you often go out in the sun, and/or consume the above mentioned foods if there is not enough sunshine, you do not need a supplement. If you are worried about Vitamin D levels, you can check with a simple blood test prescribed by your physician, who will also properly guide you if they are found low.

Source: “The Body Book”, Cameron Diaz και Sandra Bar

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