Mister Anxiety

by maria

I will talk about a well-known gentleman, who everyone knows by name and definetely in person! He is a good companion, because he is very faithful. He is a bad counselor because he is often a little impulsive and driven by fear . He is always present, even when he has to be absent. He is there before I go to sleep and in the morning, as soon as I wake up and get dressed. He comes with me at school, but also sometimes when I take a walk . He is a pleasure in my obligations and in some other cases. At school, especially in tests, he is there.

And I have been telling him ever since “Mr. Anxiety !! Welcome, but you are never missing !! “.

I was stressed and did not sleep. I was anxious and just woke up. I was anxious because I finished school late and a little worried about what I could find time to do after that! I was anxious with everything I was seeing on the channels every day! Ehh! But nothing is going well! I was stressed because I spent all my money and I was stressed because, in the end I can’t manage my expenses. I was anxious because my message was left unanswered, I was anxious because it is a bit unfair! The other day I was anxious because I saw an old friend, he asked about me and I was a little anxious with what I would say to him! Eee, I did not want to look anxious, do you know what I mean !! ??

Ah! Enough with that! Productive stress, constructive stress, creative stress, why am I always anxious about stressfull stress?

Mr Anxiety, I treated you with respect, I put you in my life without even thinking about it and I gave you enough space and I consider it excessive.

I just want you to leave me alone for a moment. To sleep peacefully and wake up calmly, to see the sun in the morning and to think that I am lucky! To read with joy and to take my walk after a while relaxed! Please come with me in my obligations and I promise to be consistent! Leave me alone for a while to think about the present, because as soon as I see you I think about the future and the past! Let me just do a test and let it not be effective. And if you do not want to leave for good then I’m sorry I will chase you!

Finally I want to be left alone for a while!

Smaragda Kossou

14 years old

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