And then, everyday life hits

by maria

Autumn is back as well as the exhausting routine, that makes us reminiscing the carefree summer. However, there are some ways to adjust in this new reality of school, university or work…

  1. Make time for yourself. It’s important that every single day you can enjoy at least 1 hour of doing the things you love. For example, taking a relaxing bath or reading your favourite book. During this time, try avoiding scrolling through your phone as it might not trully relax you.
  2. Being organize will help you tremendoysly. At the start of each week, it would be better if you took some time to organize all your tasks and deadlines that you would have to complete during the next days. In this way, you will gain more time for your hobbies or for your friends.
  3. Try not to leave anything for last minute. This could fill you up with anxiety and stress, making everyday life seem unbearable, since you will always be in a rush. Being organized will certainly help with that.
  4. Try to romanticize your everyday life: all the reading, the grades, the weather. It basically means to appreciate small things that are part of your routine, so that it can become more interesting. Try looking up “romanticizing school, university” on YouTube and you will come across thousands of other students doing this exact thing.
  5. While completing an essay that you don’t enjoy writing or reading something you find boring, keep in mind the final result of your effort. When you think of your dream or a goal that you are trying to reach you will be more motivated and full of will to keep on going in order to get there…

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Artwork by N, 15 years old

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