Q&A Game (Part I)

by maria

1. If the quarantine keeps on for a few more days, I am afraid that we will gain a lot of weight...🐷

This is something we have all thought about – to a greater or lesser extent. However, much depends on how we handle it.

Create a sleep and lunch routine, and don’t forget that you have a lot more time to exercise. You can start running or daily walks, half an hour of exercise or whatever else you choose. It’s actually an opportunity to implement the diet / exercise program you’ve always dreamed of!🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️

Try to get enough sleep (~ 8 hours) and the hours when sleep is deeper and rejuvenates the body (evening hours).😴

Sleep also helps regulate appetite and food, so as not to overeat. Maintain about four meals with as many healthy options as possible and fluid intake for hydration.

Try the refreshing smoothie you will find at we-knowhow.gr. You will be amazed at how delicious and easy the healthy suggestions are !!

2. If the Panhellenic exams get delayed a little more, I will go crazy!🤪

To begin with, keep in mind any difficulty can initially “get rid” of you, but if you handle the situation, it can offer you experience, strength and opportunities for change that will ultimately help you adapt more easily.


We take action at the time we face a problem, and we make the greatest progress that specific moment. You are given also more chances right now, such as more time to read and cover the syllabus due to COVID pandemic 19.


Have positive thinking and keep your mood. What will help you is to have a beautiful daily routine in your study. This organization will help you not to stress and not feel like “staying behind”

Therefore, it is certain that this situation will soon come to an end and through this experience you can sculpt your character and gain resilience.💪

Also, don’t forget the stress busters I and II we-knowhow.gr and the relevant video with Mary.

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