DIY 3D decor Letters (a “how to” guide) 💯

by maria

Too much time, but few materials? A DIY is the answer! 🔥

Our craft step by step


☑️1 cardboard shoe or similar size box

☑️1 print of any letter we want in word file with font size 600

☑️a piece of fabric 30x30cm

☑️4-5 caps of milk or juice

☑️1 paper tape or wide tape

☑️a marker

☑️pair of scissors

Step 1

We take the printed page and cut out the perimeter of our letter with the scissors. If the letter has a space in the center, fold it in half and cut the inside.

Step 2

With the marker we draw the shape of our letter on a piece of cardboard and then on another.

Step 3-4

Cut the letter around the perimeter with scissors on both pieces of cardboard boxes.

Step 5

With the help of hot silicone (hot glue) or liquid glue (in this case we will have to wait about 3 hours for it to dry well) we stick the lids on one side of a letter at its edges and 1 in the middle.

Step 6

We put glue on the other side of the lid and stick our other letter on it. Our craft is now three-dimensional. If we have used liquid glue, we wait 3-4 hours for our craft to dry well.

Step 7

We use the tape to close the open side of our letter as best we can.

Step 8

We put glue on one side of our letter and touch the letter in the middle of the fabric.

Step 9

We make cuts in the fabric so that we can fold it around the letter and stick well. We are ready!

Voilà ! Amazing! Isn’t it?

Thank you!

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