On November 17th,

by maria

On this day 48 years ago, the youth of our country opposed the junta power, and in this way, with courage, and many sacrifices they managed to claim their freedom. “Inside the Polytechnic, all the days we were there, things were assembled, such as the radio station, the kitchen, the announcements, the shifts because we did patrols. It was like a self-governing cell. That was amazing. There was this camaraderie that if one has not experienced such things, one does not understand during this era, that everything is at the level of individualism”, reports in her testimony the journalist Alkmini Psilopoulou, who was present this momentous night. It was this spirit of collectivity, after all, that marked a new period – a period of change.

“The legacy of the Polytechnic for me is vigilance. That is, to be always ready to understand what is happening, to observe the historical events, to be aware and take part in them. “ underlines Andeia Frantzi, a university professor and poet, describing what she experienced in November ’73. Her words are also applicable at a time when democracy is threatened by a storm of misinformation and remind us that a citizen armed with critical ability and courage can overcome any obstacle, as well as guide his fellow human beings towards the truth.

Photojournalist: Vasilis Karageorgou

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