Suggestions for summer books

by maria

How to live like your cat (Stéphane Garnier): Not a long time ago we uploaded a small part from this book, but that’s surely not enough. A book full of tips for everyday life by studying a cat’s behavior is needed in everybody’s summer library. By reading this book not only did my love and respect for these animals grew, but it also helped me face certain situations from a different perspective.

The Stranger (Albert Camus) :
Despite knowing who Albert Camus was and his work, I had not had the chance to read one of his books. Last summer I chose to read “the Stranger”. In this book Camus explains the shallowness that characterizes human relationships, without it being a heavy, philosophical book. In contrast, this book’s moral lessons are depicted through the story of a cynical protagonist, Meursault, a private employee who lives in Algiers, so the book is an easy-read and the theme is more understandable. 

The universe explained to my grandchildren (Hubert Reeves) :
I always had an unreasonable amount of love for space and its secrets. Perhaps, that was because in space we have discovered so many beautiful things, but we have also yet to discover all of its mysteries. A well-known astrophysicist, Reeves Hubert, explains all of our most common questions about the universe in a way as simple as if he was talking to his grandchildren . I strongly suggest it to those who share my love for space and its magic. 

In greek we have 2 more book suggestions. However these 2 books have not been translated to english yet!

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