The “no” day

by maria

If you want to be called human, Tasos Livaditis

If you want to be called human
you won’t stop,not even for a minute, fighting for peace and for justice.
You will go out to the streets, you’ll scream, your lips will bleed from the screams,
your face will bleed from the bullets, but you won’t even take a step backwards.
Your every scream, a rock at the warmongers windows
Your every movement like you knock down the injustice.
And be careful: don’t forget even for a minute.
For a little while to reminisce your childhood years
You leave a thousand of children to be broken apart
when they play unsuspecting in the states
one moment if you look at the sunrise
tomorrow people will be vanished in the night of war
if you stop, for a minute, in order to dream
millions of people’s dreams will become dust under the shells
You don’t have time
you don’t have time for yourself
if you want to be called human.


If you want to be called human.
You have to be willing to die any morning.
During the night to the isolation you will write
a big touching letter to your mother
you will right to the wall the date, the acronyms
of your name and one word: Peace
as if you were writing the whole story of your life.
To be able to die any morning.
To be able to stand in front of six rifles
as if you were standing in front of the whole future
to be able, up in the broadside that kills,
to hear millions of simple people that
they are fighting for peace while singing…
If you want to be called human.

Happy national day, to our Greece!

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