Antoni Gaudi : the architect who loved nature

by maria

From  Ariadne,  16 yrs

It was late evening, summer of 1926 in Barcelona, in a street near the magnificent church  Sagrada Familia. A white haired man with beard and deep blue eyes, dressed very simply, walked quickly, looking on the ground. He seemed lost to his thoughts, anxious or maybe a little fed up.

He crossed the road without checking and was knocked down by a tram. He was transferred in a Public Hospital and nobody recognized him. When his name was finally revealed, his family wanted to transfer him to a private hospital – however, he refused it and said “I belong here, with the poor”.

This man was Antoni Gaudi, Spanish architect that was devoted to his work with all his heart. He had strong will and a special personality.

He admired nature and through his unique talent he tried to honor and to highlight it in a wonderful way. In details of his masterpiece church Sagrada Familia we can discover creatures (animals, insects, sea life) and in the inside we have the experience of a magic forest. 

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