5 more Steps to Happiness

by dimitra

Written by Spyros, 17 years old

Part B

Continuing from Part A, I’m giving you the rest of my suggestions for the pursuit of happiness.

6. Respecting knowledge.

Knowledge is a significant key to confront any problem. Therefore, young people should constantly try to gain it and be respectful to those who have already gained it.

7. Faith in high values.

In a time of decay and corruption, it seems like the person who wins is he who has no other morals but personal benefit. But this doesn’t last long, and soon the person who has ideals and remains loyal to them comes out as the winner. This way he has his conscience, his most strict judge, clear.

8. Listening to his impulses.

Rationalization and sense must lead one’s life up to the point where they don’t stop his desires and wants. Sometimes the wise thing to do is just to listen to your heart.

9. Opening to the people around.

It is not possible for a person to survive in loneliness. He needs to share his problems with people he trusts in order to ease his pain and cure his soul.

10. Setting small goals.

By setting and conquering small goals, a teenager can fill himself with satisfaction and confidence. In addition, we will take pleasure in the way of gaining his ultimate goal.

We can all trace our own steps to happiness. It is obvious that happiness appears when we’re ready to change our lifestyle a bit.

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