Friendship on the go!

by dimitra

How can I have a true relationship with my friends?

Without a doubt, you may face arguments with your friends.

These are some tips that may help you to overcome tricky situations.

  1. Step back, if it doesn’t concern something important. When you are angry, count until 10 and take some deep breaths. Then, approach your friend and discuss calmly with him/her. If he/or she ignores you, it is maybe the time to look for a new “buddy”.
  2. When things get more serious and you are sure that you are right, express yourself freely without any exaggerations. This is going to help your friend to improve as a person and to understand at the same time that he/she was wrong. If the friendship is true, it will have a future.
  3. Under (any) other cases, when you are not sure for example if you are right or wrong follow the first method explained above and try not to overreact.
  4. If you know that your friend is on the right side, apologize to him/her.

I hope I helped you with my advice. Now you know how to choose a friend and how to behave yourself towards him/her.

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