Egg, the protein “king”

by maria

The egg is one of the main sources of protein and it is often called the “protein king” (see relevant post about the role of proteins in our diet). Actually, the egg’s white part is pure protein and is considered the ultimate healthy snack! Egg inside yellow part is also very nutritious and contains iron, vitamins D, B12 and A, calcium, folic acid, selenium and Ω3 fats, all precious ingrediants for your health and beauty.

Yellow part also contains cholesterol and therefore its consumption is controlled in situations with high cholesterol blood levels. If you do not have elevated cholesterol you may consume 4 to 7 eggs a week, depending on your age.

Important information about eggs is not to eat them raw as they may contain bacteria (salmonella) that can cause severe gastroenteritis and other health issues. Salmonella is destroyed in high temperature and well-cooked eggs are very safe for you.

Some tips: Prefer your eggs boiled (cooking time at least 7 minutes) or in an omelet with more whites than yellows (yolks).

Source: “The Body Book”, Cameron Diaz και Sandra Bar

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