Trapped in anorexia’s chaos

by maria
As weak as this sketch may seem at first glance, it hides so much more power inside it. Mental weakness with physical weakness are two completely different issues, as the sketch in the picture may have this physical weakness, but it was the reason for my mental weakness. This sketch depicts the voice that holds me back, the voice that in every way wants to pull me back, away from everyone and everything in the abyss of anorexia.She possesses power, even if it does not seem to her, her power is hidden in the details of her appearance and her weak and skeletal body covers her. Sometimes (as a victim) I felt weak, helpless and alone and  she was next to me. I let her guide me to something that she projected to me as right, that in the end with all the honesty I have, I will say that not only did she pulled me in deeper, she also pulled me away from everyone and everything.
Most of the victims of anorexia struggle with it. Everyone has a different image, to me she was like this, but the issue is not so much in the image but in her strength and manipulative behavior towards us. She may have controlled me, she may have manipulated me into thinking that everyone wants to see me suffer, everyone except her, but if I can say anything through all this is that the power we all hide inside us can fight it, it can defeat it and to finally release her from bondage.
I will not hide it,  yes, I am still struggling, it still bothers me but I am in a much better mentality and in a much better phase than I was before. You can overcome it, do not be afraid of the help that will be given to you. Life out there hides a lot more things besides calories, pounds and food, it may have taken me a while to figure it out but it 's never too late for a change.

Text & cover's artwork: Aggeliki Kompoura

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