Christmas Churros (+video)

by maria

Ingredients: 1 cup (240ml) water

110g butter-plate (not cow’s)

2 tbsp sugar

1 / 4 sp salt

1 cup (125g) flour for all uses

3 eggs

Coating: sugar + cinnamon

Execution: put in a saucepan with boiling water, the butter, the sugar, the salt and the flour. Stir with each addition of a material and remove the pot from the heat. Add the eggs and mix very well … use a pastry cone or shape the dough into thin strips .. fry until they get a yellowish color … finally add sugar and cinnamon

One story goes that Portuguese sailors discovered a similar food in northern China called “YouTiao”. They brought back the technique used by the Chinese (fried flour stick) and changed it to make it a sweet dessert instead of a savory stick.

The Spaniards heard about the new culinary delight from their neighbors, and put their own turn on it by passing the dough through a star-shaped tip that gives the churro its characteristic peaks.

Another story says that the nomadic Spanish shepherds invented them. While they lived high in the mountains with the herds and had no access to patisseries, the sweet pastures created churros, which were easy for them to cook in pans they took with them over an open fire.

Whether Portuguese sailors, Spanish shepherds or the Chinese have the credit for the invention of the churro, in the 16th century, Spanish explorers brought the Churros to every port in the New World. They quickly became local favorites and that is why many countries claim Churros as their own.

They are now found in many Christmas markets, in many European countries (mainly). Children and adults go crazy, especially at Christmas time.

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