About this year’s Christmas

by maria

If you have just started reading this text, wait, do not skip it, because I have good news for you. This year you will have Christmas! I know, you think that this is impossible due to the extremely unusual conditions we have been experiencing in recent months. Well that’s not true, because if you are willing to try, this year, you can experience the most real Christmas, of all time.

I am referring to the one that has almost been forgotten over time. “Almost”, one word, six letters, but with great power. Just remember what Christmas is. I have to say that for me it is much more than a party! Christmas is to share, to love, to care and to sympathize. It is much more than a word. Christmas is deeds.

It depends on you! Go out and feed the strays in your neighborhood! For every belly that is filled with hot food, a new star rises in the sky, like the one in Bethlehem. It’s so important! Make melomakarona and kourabiedes (greek traditional sweets) with your family and offer generously to anyone who hasn’t enjoyed them. To anyone who can not make them because he has no family, no home, nothing. Make him/her have something. Draw a smile.

Be grateful for what you have and never forget … Never forget the battle you have to give with life. You have to fight to provide everyone with even the basics! In this battle you will understand that the basics to which I am referring are the truest, the ones that remain indelible over the centuries.

You can simply make a gift to the earth and throw the wrapping paper from your Christmas bun in the recycle bin, instead of the trash. Trust me, it does change things.

When you go out again, look at the sky, take a deep breath and say “I am here and I will make this world better”. The most important actions are these that are done without anyone noticing. The ones that only you know. Try it and I promise you that you will feel the happiest person in the world!

I feel very lucky. I feel very lucky that I will remember the almost forgotten spirit of Christmas and because I do not want to deprive you of it, listen: the spirit of Christmas comes from within us. Be the best version of yourself and I promise you that these will be the most genuine, the best Christmas you have ever experienced!

With a lot of hope and optimism,

Mairy Vidali

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