Go protein power

by maria

Do you sometimes feel that you do not have the energy for your everyday activities? May be you are low in protein intake.

Were you aware that proteins are the “building material of our body”? They are very important for our everyday life and give energy for all our activities. This happens because our body needs protein to develop and stay in a good condition.

Proteins are consisted of smaller parts called amino acids. Amino acids are not stored within our body are immediately used for our needs.  That explains that you better not have large protein proportion during one meal, but small bits of protein in small meals during the day, in order to feel energetic.

About 35% of your total daily calorie intake should come from protein. This percentage also has to do with your body shape and size, your age, gender and activity level. The nature of your activities has to do s well. If you exercise a lot and you are very much into sports, you need more protein.

Proteins that you take in daily have best results if you divide in three parts: 1/3 during breakfast, 1/3 in lunch and  1/3 at dinner time (helps night sleep too).

Which food has protein?

There is a great variety to choose from. Do not think that protein is only in meat! The king of protein is the egg (the white part is pure protein), and a good amount of protein is found in fish (tuna or salmon), cheese, almonds, tahini, lentils, rice, kinoa and broccoli.

So start your day with breakfast that has protein ingredients and try to include some in all your meals during the day. Protein will give you the power you need to do your best in everything you love.

Source: “The Body Book”, Cameron Diaz και Sandra Bar

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