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by maria

This is the first episode of our new series: “All About Sex”, in which we discuss with one of the experts of our team, your questions on sex and sex life. We talk with the expert in greek so you can read the translation here:

  • When is the most appropriate  age  for a boy or girl to start having sex?

There is no age limit that is clearly suggested, and the answer to the question varies depending on the personality of people involved, various circumstances, the quality of the relationship, any peculiarities present, etc. However, most scientific organizations generally recommend starting sex during late adolescence (> 16 years), for reasons of emotional relationship management, maturity in choosing a romantic partner and the use of contraception methods, as well as due to the physical sensitivity of the genital system of girls and boys to potential infections at a younger age.

Romantic relationships and the expression of feelings in many other ways (kisses, hugs, tender words, etc.) can start at a younger age and any questions or difficulties that arise are ideally discussed with a significant adult of our lives that we trust.

  • At what age do boys start experimenting with their body and at what age do girls?

Experimenting and exploring our body begins at a different age for each one of us. It can start very early e.g. there are even toddlers who deal with their genitals and try to discover them and derive pleasure from this. For most of us, this interest comes forward in a strong way after the age of 12, when sex hormones elevate, the body transforms and we start to experience romantic attraction. Most boys are self-satisfied at this age, as many girls do so to. This is perfectly normal and helps us to get familiar with our body and to realize our needs regarding sexual expression.

  • Do I have to wait for the “right one” for my first time or does it not matter so much? How will I know if she or he is right?

Your first time is important to be a positive experience, but often there can be anxiety or fear, pain or even frustration. This depends on many factors and it does not at all mean that things may not improve in your future dates. Every couple is unique and needs time discovering each other love wise. In any case, you can try your best so that your first time is a great experience! You can never know in advance if your partner is the right person to start with, however you gradually develop criteria for people you relate regarding their credibility, authenticity, respect for others, etc. She or he will definitely be someone you are attracted to physically and makes you feel comfortable. Give yourself time before your debut, and go for it when you really feel ready. Do not give in to pressure from anyone in your environment or other parties.

  • I feel uncomfortable with my body. How can someone like me when I do not like myself ?

Your body is a part of yourself and it is very important to discover it, accept it and support it. We all have “strong” points in our body and it is important to be aware of that and to emphasize them discreetly with our styling, wardrobe choices etc. Respectively, we do not point out our “weakest” parts, while we may find positive sides there too! You are so right that in order for others to like you, you must like yourself! Love yourself for what you are and improve your strengths and confidence, your style and your behavior. Charm and style can be cultivated and evolving and we can all be our best selves and be liked by others if we really want to!


  1. Charis Asvestis, Andrologist-Urologist
  2. Vasia Bouba, Psychologist Msc
  3. Athanassios Thirios, Adolescent Health MSc
  4. Artemis Tsitsika, Asoc. Professor of Pediatrics-Adolescent Health, University of Athens
  5. Panagiotis Christopoulos, As. Professor of Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology, University of Athens

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