Loving the fats

by maria

Yes, it’s possible that you have only linked the fats with something bad like gaining weight or with an unhealthy way of life, something that you should avoid and that’s not entirely wrong. However, some fats are completely necessary for our health and for our body’s normal function; the unsaturated fats. These benefit our organism in many ways such as;

  • By improving the texture and the taste of the food
  • By preventing the appearance of rough or dry skin
  • By helping our body absorb all the nutrients in the best way possible
  • By providing us with energy
  •   By improving the brain’s function

The unsaturated fat are seperated into two main categories; the polyunsaturated fats and the monounsaturated fats. The first ones can be found in foods such as plant extracts, nuts and seeds. Consuming them can help protect our muscles and avoid thrombosis. The monounsaturated fats can be located in olive oil, nut oil, avocados and nuts. These help control the levels of cholesterol and insuline in our bodies and they also make easier the adjustment of sugars in our organism.

Certainly, the most common and the most beneficial fats are the omega-3 fatty acids, which can be found in fish such as salmon and tuna, as well as in some fibers like pecans, soya and algae. Some of the many benefits that they can offer are protection from cardiac diseases and from the Alzheimer disease, as well as improvement of the brain’s function.

However, we must not forget that besides from loving the fats we must also put a lid on their consumption. Fats contain a lot more energy than proteins or carbs and therefore it’s crucial to avoid extreme portions of these. Most importanly we should always be super careful when consuming saturated fats, that can be found in fast foods and processed foods. We always have to keep in mind that these are the most damaging fats, so when consuming them we can set a limit.

In order to write this text we used information from this book;

“The Body Book”, Cameron Diaz and Sandra Bark.

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