When bored

by maria

10+1 things to do when you’re bored in the house
1. Write a letter to your future self. For example, to yourself 10 years from now.
2. Start learning a new language. You can start by learning a language that you have always thought it would be cool to speak. There are many apps and youtube videos that can help you with the process and most of them are free.
3. Make your own board game, that you can play while with your friends. For example, it could be a Taboo with “Never have I ever…” questions or a Jenga with “Truth or Dare?” questions. That could make things more fun!
4. Start meditating! Empty your mind from all kinds of worries and start focusing on the things that make you smile the most and make you feel more fulfilled. There are plenty of apps and youtube videos that can help you meditate successfully. Meditation is a very healthy habit that can help you avoid stress and maintain a positive attitude on a daily basis.
5. Do a professional research. Collect information about the professions that you are interested in. This will make your decision in the future easier.
6. Organizes your closet or your room. Throw out the stuff that you don’t really use and donate the stuff that are in good condition to those in need.
7. Try out a new recipe. You can find plenty of recipes here, on our website (category: nutrition) as well as on other more specific websites.
8. Create your own music playlist either on youtube or on other music apps such as Spotify. You can include all the songs that you enjoy listening to while on a certain mood and make it public so that people all around the world can listen to it and relate.
9. Organize a future going out with friends. Look up any movies, plays or events that could be taking place and might interest you and your friends. Book your tickets and go!
10. Make some DIYs. We have some ideas here on our website (category: art) but you can also find more on other websites that might be more relevant on the subject.
11. Creat a “positive vibes” jar. Inside the jar you can include small pieces of paper on which you could write happy thoughts or memories that make you smile. In this way, every time you need some positive energy

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