How dare you ?

by maria

Α. 18 yrs

From April 1986 that the Ukrainian reactor explosion released radioactivity and death to future generations, to now days “red” Australia, where fire sparks have «swallowed» forty million m2 and half million animal creatures, the relationship of modern people with nature has come to irreparable injuries. Every lack of balance in our environment – our home planet – has impact on us in an interactive manner and leads to self harm.  

Who, if not us, can regain the balance ? 

Our modern societies promote materialism, prosperity and greed, vs wellbeing and development through wise use of resources. So, modern citizens sacrifice moral values and ideals for personal profit. They choose not to think of their duty to protect and respect nature, to keep everything safe for the generations to come. This attitude has brought serious wounds to our planet. Acidification of rain, water pollution, heat waves, drought, the greenhouse effect, the melting of the ice and loss of animal species are some proof of human trace on earth. It is now our turn to establish a healthy co-existence on our planet.

In a world that citizens cannot realize the need for change, natural resources are violently wasted and there is no resistance to materialism, all hope seems to come from the young. Every time that some try to threaten our environmental bond, let’s stand up and as the activist Greta Thunberg would, let’s strongly voice: «How dare you;»

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