Agistri island: so beautiful summer spot🏖️

by maria

A. & M. 18 yrs

The ship leaves from the port of Piraeus and in just a few moments we reach the small island Agistri. We decide to rent bikes and try to go around the whole island until the afternoon when we will return back to Athens. From my bicycle basket, loud summer melodies are heard, in harmony with the constant sound of the cicadas, as we pass from empty paths. The landscape, green pines, and clear blue sea waters takes our breath away- we try to capture this beauty and photo clicks do not stop.

After many uphills, under the midday sun, and with no water to drink, we reach our first stop: Limenaria! From there, we descend a steep alley and finally find Mariza Beach. We are one of just three groups of people in this earthly paradise with turquoise waters. This beach has no shore, so we just dive from the rocks into the deep water and climb the stairs to the edge. We spread our towels and enjoy the hot sun and peace – sunscreen face cream whites our faces. After many water dives, we go up to the village to snack light in a tavern. The food there was awesome, full of flavor – genuine. We rested and we took the road back.

The uphills became steeper and so we arrived much faster in Megalochori (one of the ports) and from there we continued to Skala. On the way back, we had a refreshing stop for one more dive and then took the “hard” way to Halkiada beach (without knowing that we could reach it through an easier path). We had a 20-minute hike because bikes could not reach our destination. This beautiful beach emerged through the pines and after we descended some steep cliffs, we arrived. It was enchanting and worth every step of the way.  Due to the difficult access to the beach, there were only a few more people there. The whole experience was unforgettable and undoubtedly it was one of the most beautiful beaches I have seen.

After a few dives, we started the pedal again for Skala and its taverns. We had an amazing fresh fish and seafood experience,  enjoying the beautiful sea view. Unfortunately, after taking another walk on the beach, it was time to return. We said goodbye – just for now – to the beautiful island and boarded on the ship. Although we didn’t have time to see the whole island and all the beautiful beaches, my day was full. Full of exploring, diving, great food, laughs, and unforgettable experiences that make me want to re-visit Agistri for another getaway…

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