Things we like to do during quarantine (your answers)

by maria
  • I cook and I try out new recipes
  • I am currently reading all the books that I ‘ve been wanting to read for so long
  • I watch many different series
  • I like to do at home crafts, like bracelets and I also tried to make the watermelon phonecase from your DIYs
  • I workout and I try many different workouts to find which one fits me best
  • I am trying to organize myself
  • I listen to music and think
  • I keep a diary of my thoughts. I basically write down all my thoughts
  • I take care of myself: I drink a lot of water, I take care of my skin and I try-out new make-up look and haircuts
  • I made a candle from scratch! I just followed a youtube tutorial
  • I make puzzles and play board games with my family
  • Hot coffees and designing
  • I have bought a photo album and I’ve started filling it with photos
  • I love doing dance workouts, it brings me in such a good mood and I also exercise
  • I started learning spanish and I hope that once all this is over, I can visit Spain
  • I talk via videocalls with friends and family

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