It’s like lightning up a fire

by maria

It’s like lightning up a fire. It needs patience and insistence, to place the woods in the right way along with the kindling. After that, you need to start working on lightning the first flame- the first piece of wood. However, that’s not enough… it needs time to grow. And then, it starts expanding, slowly, but steadily. And you have to stick around, observing her every move and guiding her. And even when she’s about to go out, you need to blow even harder, use even more paper as tinder and keep her going. She will start flaring up and her color will become more vivid. The flame will touch tenderly the woods that surround her and she will caste them under her spell. Her movement, her color, her warmth makes them want her even more. However, she starts destroying them. The woods don’t have a clue. They enjoy her company, ignorantly. Until they start vanishing, decomposing into little pieces, without meaning, waiting for the wind to lure them away. It’s like lightning up a fire, to love.

N.P., 17 years old

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