Move while we #stayinside

by maria

If you come to think about it, our life is in constant movement. From most simple everyday routine, like going to school/college or going for a walk, to favorite athletic choices like football or basket ball, dancing or other sports. Our body is made for movement and really needs it.

It is a fact that food choices play an important role to your wellbeing and this is also true for body exercise.  The more you move, the more you improve your physical condition, meaning the level of activity and power of your body. Even the lowest level of physical activity empowers your muscles, has impact on energy control and fortifies heart and lungs, while additionally it is a stress buster and builds up your good mood and positive thinking.

There are two ways to put your body on the move. One is your basic physical activity (your daily routine movement) and the other is sports and organized athletic activity. It is not at all necessary to exercise strongly in order to build a good physical condition. Staying active and avoiding laying on a sofa for most of your day is enough! When you are sitting/not moving, your body is inactive and heart and muscles do not work.  This certainly is not a condition to look forward to!

Now days, with covid and all, our options for athletic activity are limited and it is important to explore ways to maintain your physical status and minimize sofa time. You can check our post “I started running” and think about ways to change your routine, by “listening” to your body messages. Some basic tips towards this are:

  • Choose to have aerobic exercise, elevating the number of heart beats and breaths (e.g. running, skipping, jogging machine), for 30 minutes every second day
  • A short and easy routine for muscle empowerment, having 20 repeat exercises for every muscle group two times per week also helps

Don’t forget :

  • Short breaks from computer work and movement around the room
  • Walking through home rooms while chatting or having video chat
  • «Dancing» intervals while watching movies or shows
  • Stair climbing in the house for aerobic exercise

Whatever your choices, keep in mind that body exercise helps towards best physical condition and self confidence, giving you a unique sense of freedom!

Source: “The Body Book”, Cameron Diaz και Sandra Bar

Photographer: Harold Eugene Edgerton

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