by Sofia Kathareiou

Written by Ariadni, 16 years old

Some days we wake up feeling satisfied and full of joy for life!

We are confident and in a mood to communicate with friends, to go out and be social.

But there are also days when we feel completely the opposite. We don’t want to get out of bed, we don’t feel comfortable with ourselves or with others and we end up “hiding” into our rooms.

It is normal to have both good and bad days.

You can always help yourself to keep being positive by following these simple tips:

  • Be yourself, always.
  • Get enough sleep at the right time of day.
  • Discover your own ways to relax.
  • Hang out with a friend.
  • Express what you feel – don’t keep it to yourself.
  • Write your emotions on a piece of paper.
  • Remember that everyone goes through bad times.

You are definitely not alone!

During the “bad” days you can also apply these solutions:

  • Listen to your favorite music.
  • Read a book.
  • Take a break, relax.
  • Enjoy everyday moments.
  • Work out in the natural environment.
  • Engage in creative topics (get to know famous painters, art, poetry etc).

What’s important is that you discover your own uniquely personal way so that most of your days are “good”.

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