by Sofia Kathareiou

Written by Maria, 16 years old

School is a defining environment and a major part of our daily lives. It is the place where we spend most of our day, we form relationships, we gain knowledge and experiences and we gradually build our personalities and character.

However, school often conceals many of our fears, which we have to face during our time there.

The behaviors we confront can vary from friendly to hostile ones. Unfortunately, groups are often formed according to who has strength, looks and money. In that way there are many kids who are marginalized, feeling weak and unwanted and often act out in extreme ways and behaviors that can affect their future. Furthermore, their isolation can lead to depressive feelings and result in bad performance at school. Some will try to change themselves in order to fit in with others. And sometimes intense fights can even result in kids’ dropouts entirely. It is clear that the relationships which are formed in school are extremely important in one’s course there.

Both school and family are responsible to help a child deal with an extreme event when that occurs.

But there are ways to still have a good time during your school years even when you don’t like anyone at school. Here is some advice:

  • Engage in activities outside of school

By participating in various extracurricular activities, by searching for new hobbies and talents you will meet people that share common interests and inevitably connect with them. In that way, when you’re at school you can think of when you’ll meet your friends.

  • Remember you don’t have to “fit in”

Don’t get stressed over your differences with the rest of your classmates or if you don’t find any interest in what they do. You have your own unique character and personality that you shouldn’t alter in an effort to feel accepted. After all, being yourself is the only way to ensure that you will meet and connect with genuine people.

  • Think of the future

Eventually, remember that school is the place where you are receiving the useful tools you need to build your future – focus on your schoolwork and you will have fun when you are done with it.

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