“Eating” the sun? Indeed!☀️

by maria

From Mairy, 16 yrs

One of the most important diet nutrients are carbohydrates, which are our main source of energy. I knew that I guess…

But, I had not realized that carbohydrates come from carbon dioxide, water and sunlight.

Plants, use their leaves to absorb carbon dioxide from the air and their roots to get water from the ground. So as carbon dioxide and water get exposed to the sun, they split up to their basic molecules and reassemble, as carbohydrates, the simplest one: glucose!

So, it seems that without sunlight, we would probably would run out of our basic fuel.


• I prefer “good” carbohydrates, such as whole grains, brown rice,  brown pasta

• I avoid diets that exclude carbohydrate intake

SOURCE :  «The Body Book», Cameron Diaz

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