Go green, help clean!

by dimitra

Evgenia, 13 years old

Trash on the beach? #ΝΟΤ

It’s up to us to change it! 😉

I recently visited the beach. However, I was surprised to see people swimming along with a huge amount of trash like they weren’t caring about it.

So, I decided to do something: to clean the sea as best as I could.

How did I do it?

By giving a spoon of enthusiasm and my time. Within 15 minutes, I collected almost every kind of plastic you could imagine (straws, packages, wrappers, lids, foil, nets and much more). The more garbage I was collecting, the more I was wondering why no one cares.

I did not manage to clean it all, but I had a great experience:

  • I was closer to nature.
  • I acted to protect the environment.
  • I felt much better by doing something so useful.

So, start acting!

Go there and start by cleaning a beach!

Do something to improve your life quality and motivate others to join you! 💪

We can achieve a lot, if we team up !!

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