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Part A

Written by Spyros, 17 years old

All people, especially young people, seek happiness in their lives, which seems to accompany health as the supreme good. Nevertheless, for most of us, it often seems impossible to achieve it. Below I quote, in my opinion, the steps that can lead a young man, a teenager, to personal happiness.

1. Have faith in your power

You should never allow the hurdles and obstacles that stand up to subdue you. Your worst enemy is yourself and your cowardness when the demands appear unbearable. When you no longer believe in your skills, the game is over. It is, therefore, worth arming yourself with confidence in order to be able to show up your personality.

2. Trust others

We are not talking, of course, about blind obedience to anyone’s demands and promptings, but we are talking about trusting people who care for you. Surely, no one likes to be controlled by others, but at some point in life, the advice and help of loved ones are undoubtedly beneficial.

3. Choosing your own path

Everyone has his/her own skills, personal interests, wishes. Therefore, he/she must follow the path that they feel closer to, even if it does not fit perfectly to the usual standards. Success is assured.

4. Satisfaction with the small things

Many goods in life are taken for granted though there are people who are deprived of them. It is therefore crucial to appreciate everything that has been generously offered to you or conquered by yourself. Thus, you will have the feeling of fullness.

5. Giving to others

There is no better way to reach personal satisfaction than offering to other people. Someone who shares something or causes, just by his/her actions, happiness to others, also enjoys life and elevates his spirit. These are just a few steps that, in my opinion, can lead to happiness.

There will be another 5 steps in Part B.

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