Little things that can make your day

by maria
  • Waking up early and seeing the sunrise
  • Someone enjoying the music you recommended
  • Meeting a deadline
  • Drinking a glass of cold lemonade
  • People telling you that they miss you
  • Discovering a very interesting book
  • Your bed with clean sheets
  • Drinking your favorite coffee
  • People trusting you with their secrets
  • Being able to be yourself without being judged
  • Hot showers on a very cold day
  • Finding out the name of the song that you were singing the whole day
  • Cold summer breeze
  • Receiving an unexpected gift
  • Singing- putting up a small concert while showering
  • Having a great, in depth conversation with someone
  • Going out with people who are not akward at all
  • Finding something that you thoght was lost
  • Making a joke that everybody laughs at
  • When your favourite team scores
  • Arriving at the station at the same time that also the train arrives
  • Listening to the sound of the waves
  • Smelling the rain outside
  • Getting done something that has been troubling you

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