by maria

Tomorrow, on 7/10/2020 the verdict on Pavlos Fyssas case will finally be announced, after 5+ years of on-going trials (along with the verdict on 2 other cases). Pavlos Fyssas – known also as Killah P- was a greek rapper and songwriter and had written many songs that were referring to social matters.

On the 18th of September 2013, Pavlos Fyssas was murdered.

“But really who can say the last word
they dried the tears but worst of all
is that even Sundays have now changed their color
the picture will see that at some point it will fade out
but there is something in my memory that will last for years
it’ s your last picture
Besides, there is your laughter that I still hear”

This is a part of Killah P’s song (Pavlos Fyssas): “You are here (Sundays have changed color)”

You can listen to te whole song here: https://youtu.be/QSv4u6ihfuw

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