Plants in summertime – 2+1 Tips🌿🪴⁉️

by maria

D. & A. 12 yrs

Summer in the city? Your balcony is hot and with no color?

You can always visit your neighbor ’s florist. A plant can renew the balcony and be very cool.

Which plant (green or flowery) needs less water and could make it through summer heat, being also stylish and beautiful to see?

Olive trees and lavender, is the answer to that question!

“I want to leave on a vacation trip, but who will water the plants ?”

It is easy to have an automatic watering system, but if you cannot afford it, you can leave your plant with no water for a week or so. When you return, everything will be fine, as long as you water well before leaving and of course after coming back.  

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