Social Media Era

by dimitra

Margarita Papaioannou, 17 yrs

Let’s be honest : we can’t live – not even half a day – without our smartphone.📱

If it gets damaged or broken, we instantly feel loss and incredible sadness, just like if  something inside of us is permanently altered!

But how do we bear living in a world where someone exists through his/her instagram profile, facebook or snapchat?

The more popular the profile is, the more “important” the person – YOU, US – feels…

And what about connection/communication?

What about those unique life moments? The excitement, the lust and anticipation  to meet an important other face to face?

Our way goes through the profile of the person we are interested in, pretending that we have connected, we even argue through chats, simultaneously sending screenshots of the discussion to friends… We laugh with many “hahahahahahahahahs”, believing that we are having fun in this way, using “smart” and cool comments, just to impress.

Our way is fake emotions of joy, feelings and sense of living.

Hiding behind the screen can be easy. However, what is indeed  left or rather what is lost? How difficult could be escaping from this new reality, a virtual, meaningless reality?

Be free to love! Dream, experience, make wishes true, hope. Live!💪❤️✨

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