“Cell phone detox…can we?”

by maria

It’s quite common nowadays for our cell phone to ring and distract us. For example, while out with friends you can miss precious moments while thinking how to reply to all the notifications that pop up. Especially, after quarantine we all have started using our phone more frequently- as if that was possible- and while on vacation we spent some time scrolling excessively through social media. However, now that vacation time is over and we ease into a routine maybe it’s time to set a limit. “Digital detox” is one of the many ways to understand if your phone has become a necessity and not a choice… Moreover, 15 million people annually decide to avoid using the internet for as long as they can. All you have to do is simply notify some of your closest friends, delete your social media accounts and then challenge yourself to not download them again. Another choice, is using more frequently the flight mode, which is provided by all kinds of phones. In this way, when you want to truly focus on someone or something specific there will be no notifications to distract you. In addition, you can download apps that might help you engage in other activities, such as running or playing a fun game with friends. These apps are not addictive as they do not require your full attention. In this way your phone will just provide a way to complete easier and faster some everyday activities. People have been using their phones to “surf” online for more hours than they actually sleep on average during the day (Ofcom 2016) which is why we need to start separating this device from reality. Our continuous need to check our social media accounts, the never- ending notifications and all the capabilities that the internet can provide can be a huge distraction from the really genuine moments of life… 

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