The Metro🚇

by maria

Τext and photo by Melina, 18 yrs

I really enjoy taking the metro. Yes, it might be underground and most of the times dirty – but there comes a sort of magic with it!

I especially like observing things about people there: a girl with piercings all over her pale body, a man whose lips are so thin that you could think they don’t even exist, a couple that tries to be discreet while hugging, as if they are trying not to arouse suspicion… 

Next to the door, a woman keeps yelling furiously while on the phone, beside her I notice a young lady with deep blue eyes and a bright yellow coat and a boy who is reading a book while wearing a giant pair of headphones.

Everybody has a destination. We all have very different lives. And even though the chances were low, we all just happened to be the same time, at the exactly same place with a common goal: to reach “there”.

However, our “theres” are so different…  

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