Be a hero!

by dimitra

Pavlina, 13 years old


Did anyone recently tease or mock you, one of your classmates, your friends, etc?

If yes, do you remember how you reacted or did you avoid doing something?

Let’s look up a few Do’s and Dont’s:


  • Try to build up your self-esteem! Do things you like and have a good time.
  • You could also stay calm and avoid conflict.
  • Ask for help as you are not alone. IF you are a bystander, confess to someone you trust.
  • If possible, ignore people that are teasing you.
  • You could send us an email ( and get some advice.


  • Don’t keep secrets, when nasty things happen to you.
  • Try not to react aggressively.
  • Continue your everyday life by going to school, reading, enjoying your day.
  • If you witness bullying, stand up.

Stand up, no bullies allowed!

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