Friend Request

by dimitra

Friendship is something really important. Without friends, life would seem to be “empty”, as you would not have someone by your side to share your thoughts that may bother you or to say a joke –even if the person is not going to laugh 😁.

However, friendship is something different for each of us, as there are a lot of opinions about its meaning.

  • Should I have the same interests as my friend?

True friends don’t have to share the same interests. In fact, the presence of different opinions, talents, and preferences can be more helpful.

  • How do I choose a true friend?

The choice is up to you, as there is a wide range of criteria or demands when it comes to choosing a friend in the same way that there are many different people. Usually, we want a friend to be:

  • Interesting
  • Funny
  • Smart
  • Emotional (sharing his/her love)
  • Supportful

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