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Written by Giannis, 16 years old

It is now clear that people who do ΝΟΤ smoke but socialize with smokers, suffer the consequences of smoking. The smoke inhaled by the non-smoker contains the same, if not more, poisonous substances like the smoke inhaled by the smoker.

Since 1986, several studies have demonstrated the consequences of passive smoking. Most studies conclude that passive smoking can be the cause of lung cancer, and this is probably increased for people living with smokers, compared to those who do not have smokers in their environment. In addition, children with parents who smoke have are more likely to suffer from chronic lung disease and asthma.

Both adults and children that are being exposed to passive smoking often have intense cough, burning feelings and difficulty in breathing. They also have discomfort in the eyes, nose and throat.

You have the RIGHT to fresh air. You mustn’t be a passive smoker. Defend your own rights…

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