Q&A Game: Love affairs

by maria

Photo captured by Melina, 15 years old’

“Love” on the wall

Ι think I am afraid to be in a relationship. What can I do?

There is no need to stress about this. All people have at times been having such thoughts – you can read about the story of “the hedgehog dilemma” which reveals the challenges of human intimacy.

We need relationships, however we also need to keep our personal space and balance. You can be yourself and enjoy every moment – being in a relationship or not. Every close connection with another is unique and although there is some risk, you can experience emotions, experiences and companionship that can really lift you off !

It may be true that you could get hurt – but it is worth it! Keep always in mind that each one of us has different pace and you may need more time to make this step – there is no formula. Also, being in a relationship does not mean that you have to give up doing things that you love – you can share more and think of the significant other, which can give you a lot of joy.

It is important to built your confidence and to be giving, while at the same time you can keep your own identity.

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