I started running

by maria

Text by Sotiris, 17 years old

Before the Coronovirus era, I had school in the morning, and then extra mentoring for school, after that English courses 3 times a week and German  for the other 2 week days, and then of course studying for all of these…

After  that, my motivation for anything else was zero and I usually ended on my couch or bed! “This must come to an end”,  I used to think at that time.

So, one day when a friend said:  “I’m going to run the 10km little marathon, are you in?” I did not know what to answer back. “What am I to do?” I asked.  “Run? Why? And what about my smartphone?”

I didn’t respond back then, but the idea stuck to my head… So I joined one of his training sessions. The stadium was huge and impressive – many different routes to run into. 👟🥳

It was amazing, but after the first 2 times that I dragged my feet in pain – I hadn’t  run since my  8 yrs, when I was in football – everything changed.

During  my running time there was  no school, no lessons, no stress, no problems, not even thoughts. Everything seemed calm and relaxing.

I felt FREE. My mind found a way to reset itself.

Gradually, I learned the right way to run, the right way to breathe, not to get tired. Now that I can’t run with my friends due to the virus quarantine, I put on my headphones and run, me and my music. 🎧

Next year I plan to join my friend to the little marathon of 10 km! 🏃‍♂️

Source of the image: google images

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